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The Salton Sea

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With a bit of time to kill between a friends wedding in San Diego and the first weekend of Coachella, I stopped off at Stone Brewery (best place in Southern California).

After I filled up a growler with 2 liters of Arrogant Bastard ale it was off to a trip around the Salton Sea… a bizarre inland sea that sits in the middle of the desert. The Sea was created by a flood in 1905, in which water from the Colorado River flowed into the area. It is now fed by delicious agricultural runoff.


At one point it was developed as a resort destination, but most of the shores have long since been abandoned, giving the whole place an eerie dead feel, reminiscent of a nuclear weapon testing range.
The beaches are littered with the skeletons of fish and shacks that have been desecrated over the years with uncontrolled sea level changes.

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Written by Cameron Brown

April 16th, 2012 at 2:25 pm