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Free Talk – Episode 9 – Oil On The Coast

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Allison and I talk to BC residents about their concerns over the proposed Endbridge pipeline from Edmonton to Kitimat BC.

Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipelines would run along the Kitimat River to the coast where crude oil tankers would be introduced for the first time. In a recent filing by Enbridge, the company suggests that it would eventually expand to shipping 944,000 barrels a day, nearly double the current proposal. With over 400 oil tankers in Douglas Channel a year, that would mean even direr consequences for the Kitimat River. With condensate tankers and Liquid Natural Gas tankers thrown in to the mix, no one would be able to fish on the coast. You can learn more about the proposal at Forest Ethics

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Written by Cameron Brown

March 28th, 2012 at 10:19 pm